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Veteran, 91, Reunites With First Love Almost 70 Years Since They Were Torn Apart After the War

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True love never dies; in one notable case, true love never stopped searching for a long-lost partner. When a sailor met a woman while he was stationed in Japan, he never imagined how their story would unfold—it was one for the ages!

Duane Mann and Peggy Yamaguchi met in 1953, and their lives changed forever. As a United States Navy veteran Mann was stationed in Japan, serving his country during the Korean War, but it was also a moment of personal significance for him.

The young officer fell in love for the first time. He met Yamaguchi while she worked in a military officers’ club, and a night of dancing started a romantic affair—one with an unbelievably memorable yet heartbreaking ending.

They Fell in Love

Mann recalled dancing with Yamaguchi in Tokyo and shared that, over six months, they fell in love. They were excellent dancers and always stole the show out on the dance floor, something they would cherish for decades.

Mann intended to wed Yamaguchi, but before they said their vows, she fell pregnant. Another issue arose when Mann was shipped back to America at the war’s end. He left behind a heartbroken Yamaguchi, but he promised they would reconnect.

Mann realized that because his mother meddled, Yamaguchi might have assumed he abandoned her. This haunted the veteran, and he used social media in his final attempt to reach his long-lost lover.

A Shocking Revelation

Mann saved all his earnings from his time in the Navy and planned to bring Yamaguchi to his home country. However, he was in for a nasty surprise. Upon his arrival in Iowa, he discovered his father had spent all his savings. He added:

“If I would have known that I didn’t have any money, I would have never gone home.”

Mann and Yamaguchi wrote to each other, planning to start a life together once the veteran had saved enough money. But things changed suddenly.

In one of Yamaguchi’s letters, she revealed that she had lost the baby and married someone else. It was a shock to Mann, as was the abrupt end in their communication. He eventually learned that his mother had intercepted and burned their letters.

Still Looking for His First Love

Mann moved on with his life and married twice, fathering six kids. However, he never stopped wondering about his first love. He spent nearly seven decades trying to make sense of the failed relationship.

Mann realized that because his mother meddled, Yamaguchi might have assumed he abandoned her. This haunted the veteran, and he used social media in his final attempt to reach his long-lost lover.

He Was Her American Sweetheart

At 91, the burden Mann had been carrying around for years was finally lifted. The answer to his search came after he posted a heartfelt plea on Facebook in May 2022. He asked netizens, journalists, and anyone to help.

Thankfully, he had a photo of a young Yamaguchi, and after the story went viral, a researcher named Theresa Wong got involved. She traced Yamaguchi to Escanaba, Michigan—she had been living in the same country as Mann!

A Special Tribute to Mann

While Yamaguchi married another man in 1955 and welcomed three boys into the world, she never forgot her American sweetheart. The woman even gave her firstborn a middle name with significant value—it was “Duane” in honor of her long-lost lover.

In June, the day Mann had been dreaming about finally arrived. He was reunited with Yamaguchi, and one of the first things she asked him was:

“Do you remember the dancing?”

Yamaguchi gave Mann the peace of heart he so desperately longed for and even noted that she never felt abandoned by him. While they never got their fairytale love story, the duo got the consolation they both needed.

The former couple’s reunion was tearful, but Yamaguchi and Mann smiled as they chatted and made up for the lost time. Their children were also present and moved by the beautiful encounter unfolding before them. We wish them well!

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