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‘Twilight’ Heartthrob Is Taken: Taylor Lautner Marries His ‘Best Friend’ in Romantic Wedding

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He is best known for his role as Jacob Black in the “Twilight” trilogy, but this past weekend he took on an entirely different role. He married his longtime partner, Taylor Dome, in an intimate ceremony. He spoke about the occasion a few days after it happened.

The couple began dating in 2018 after Lautner’s sister introduced them to one another. Lautner said they were both very involved in the wedding planning process and had high expectations, which were exceeded on the day.

Lautner knew that the first time he saw Dome in her wedding dress, he would have been too emotional to hold it together, so instead of his first glance of his wife being at the alter, they planned a first look instead.

He said he held it together better than he thought he would, but it was still tricky. He said the rest of the day was fantastic and couldn’t have been better. He gushed:

“Everything felt so surreal!”

The couple said everything from the flowers and decor to how the sky looked on their wedding day was incredible, and they were ecstatic with how everything turned out on their special day.

What Was The Couple’s Wedding Ceremony Like?
Although the wedding ceremony was an intimate affair of only 90 people, the details were extraordinary. The bride wore a Winnie Couture wedding gown, while her groom wore a custom Dolce and Gabbana suit.

Ring Concierge designed their wedding bands, and Lautner’s best man, Jason Kennedy, watched as the couple exchanged their wedding bands. The guests then enjoyed a cocktail hour in which they sipped cocktails named after the couple’s dogs, Remi and Lily.

The couple then arranged a sit-down dinner for their reception, which was catered by Field to Table. Talking about their choices, Lautner said the couples are foodies and winos, so they paired the dinner with wine.

Aodhan King, a close friend of the couple, performed a rendition of “Lifetime” by Justin Bieber as the couple had their first dance as husband and wife. They then had a DJ so they could dance with their guests.

Lautner said he wanted all his guests to feel like part of the day because everyone invited meant so much to him and his wife. He said:

“This is about a lifetime together. And we’re excited to start forever.”

Talking about how he felt to have married Dome, he said it felt right between them from the moment they met, so he didn’t hesitate when asking her to marry him. He knew that they would be together for a long time. He gushed: “I feel so lucky I married my best friend.”

Why Did the Couple Have an Outfit Change at Their Wedding?
Lautner and his new bride ensured their wedding guests were entertained when they changed their outfits after the ceremony for the reception. When Lautner shared the reason, it became apparent that changing was necessary for the couple.

The actor said that a few months before his wedding, he had been at a friend’s wedding, where he shredded his suit pants because of the flips and splits he was doing when dancing. He confessed he was upset because he loved that suit and knew he couldn’t do the same at his wedding.

When Lautner changed out of his custom-made Dolce and Gabanna pants, he changed into velvet pants. He said these would allow him to dance the night away without worrying about them tearing. He could bust out all his signature dance moves with his new wife and guests.

Dome also changed out of her Winnie Couture gown into a Retrofete dress, allowing her to feel more comfortable. She paired the dress with sneakers so she could dance all night without worrying about her wedding gown or having sore feet.

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