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Kansas Teacher Asks Her 5th-Grade Students to Be Bridesmaids and Groomsmen at Her Wedding

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Teachers play a formative role in their students’ lives, and often, the kids impact their caretakers just as much. An educator from Kansas adored the little ones in her class, so she included them in one of her most significant life milestones.

Mason McDowell and Alexandra Stamps are two teachers who fell in love at a job fair. The duo never expected to attend a Wichita, Kansas event and meet someone life-changing, but they did.

Stamps was the most beautiful woman McDowell had ever laid eyes on, and the native Kansans started a romantic relationship when they bumped into each other a few weeks later. It was the beginning of a remarkable love story.

Asking Her Students an Unexpected Question
The couple dated throughout 2020, and the following Spring, McDowell got down on one knee while tears streamed down his face. Stamps said yes instantly, and in April 2021, she did something unexpected.

The beloved teacher asked 19 of her 5th-grade pupils to be her bridesmaids and groomsmen at her wedding. Her fiancé did the same thing with his class, and together they invited 37 students to be part of their big day.

The TikTok video gained thousands of comments and millions of views. However, not everyone understood why Stamps wanted her students to be part of the wedding party.

The Class Erupted with Joy
The students had been part of the couple’s journey for months, and in a clip, Stamps even revealed that they wondered when she was getting engaged.

Stamps told her class she had a big question for them. The kids were curious and in awe after she mentioned their names individually, asking them to be part of her big day. The girls in the class became emotional, and the boys shouted excitedly. The bride-to-be noted:

“I love them and they’re part of my life. I want them to be up there with me because they’re my biggest fans.”

The Students Were Excited
The TikTok video gained thousands of comments and millions of views. However, not everyone understood why Stamps wanted her students to be part of the wedding party.

Users questioned her decision, but many others thought it was a heartwarming gesture and looked up to the teacher because of it. She believed they deserved to be up there with her. One of her students, Khloe Brown, expressed:

“I was so excited, and I couldn’t wait to just be there. I can already picture it.”

Placing Value on Their Pupils
The ceremony was unique, and everyone attending the Central Christian Church event could see the love between Stamps and McDowell. Their wedding also gave them a chance to place value on the students they saw every day. Stamps shared:

“The reason we wanted the kids involved was because we wanted to give them validation that they mean something to us. We wanted them to have something to look forward to, something to feel good about.”

It Was a Beautiful Wedding
Before asking the kids to participate in her wedding, Stamps asked for permission from their parents. Everyone was delighted by the idea, and the children made memories they would cherish forever.

The July wedding welcomed 170 guests and was a spectacular event full of joy and love. Morilee, the bridal company that made Stamps’ stunning white gown, gifted the mini bridesmaids dresses for the special ceremony.

The mini groomsmen were not left behind, thanks to Bella Veil Bridal, a company that rented the boys’ dashing formal attire. Stamps couldn’t have dreamt of a more perfect day, and she was delighted to have the kids with her.

Netizens were stunned by the teacher’s decision to include her students. For many, it displayed the special bond between Stamps and her pupils. Others were encouraged by her actions and vowed to do the same:

“You know you are a good teacher when all of your students want to be in your wedding that much.”

“Every time I see this, I tear up so much! I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!”

“When I get older and if I’m a teacher and my students are good then I’ll do this.”

“Wow! That is a wonderful way to make a connection with your kids! They will never forget you!!”

“Aww, I love how all the girls are crying while the boys are jumping up and down. [They are] very happy.”

Stamps and McDowell are a wonderful couple and undoubtedly teachers shaping the next generation for good. We wish them well and applaud them for being a force of kindness in the world.

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